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The Australian Childhood Foundation works to save children from the trauma of child abuse, neglect and family violence in these ways:

  • Recovery

    Trauma Recovery

    Our Trauma Recovery Teams work in a number of ways to support children, carers, and professionals to help make children safe, help them to heal, and to restore their shattered childhoods.

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  • Protection

    Protecting Children

    We support organisations and communities to be protective of children and young people.

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  • Movement

    A Movement for Children

    We are empowering the Australian community to prioritise the protection of children from abuse, so that not another child has to suffer the trauma of violence and victimisation.

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  • Training

    Training Professionals

    We educate professionals who work with children around the neuroscience of trauma so they can offer more effective and sensitive approaches to these vulnerable children in the places they live, learn and play.

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Where we work

Our trauma teams help children families, carers and support professionals throughout Australia, including remote and regional areas. Their collaboration with a network of adults and organisations focuses on creating an environment dedicated to the recovery and healing of children traumatised by abuse, neglect and family violence.


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