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For the last thirty years, the Foundation has been working with vulnerable children, young people and the adults who support them.  We firmly believe that children benefit when the professionals who work with them are supported and informed with the latest knowledge and resources.  

Each year, we deliver hundreds of training opportunities within our partnerships and in our training calendar; from workshops and webinars to speaker tours, courses and conferences, we work hard to translate the ever growing body of trauma research and make it easy to apply to work on the ground. 

When it comes to personal or workforce professional development, we fully appreciate that those in our sector have a wide variety of quality professional development providers to choose from. When you choose us to facilitate your learning, 100% of any profit we make from our training activities goes back towards our work on the ground - benefiting vulnerable children.

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Prosody Blog

A blog for Professionals who work with vulnerable children, young people and families.  A resource your work, providing access to research, application, therapeutic intervention and discussion.  

Transform Streaming Service

Our 2018 International Childhood Trauma Conference can be streamed on our brand new streaming service 'Transform'.

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Working for the Foundation means using your professional skills to make a difference in the lives of vulnerable children and young people.  If you'd like to join the team, check out our employment page via the link below.